These are the essential beats which I’ve been teaching for the last 10 years all recorded on video. They are available in three different speeds so you can work at the pace that’s right for you. This is the most efficient way to learn the patterns from home. You can practice real-time to the video and focus on technique/dynamics within the 1 on 1 lesson.

"I struggle with scheduling and can't commit to in-person lessons (due to a full-time working/family life). I stumbled across BRstudioZ looking for something different. Oh what a dream come true! These drum lessons are exactly what I wanted - to learn how to play beats and pull it all together. I couldn't find anything like this on free sites. I am a beginner drummer, and these videos allow me to learn at my own pace in my own time at the most affordable price point. They are easy to follow and each level lets you learn different styles that give you all round experience. The studio gives you full support when you're stuck and guidance like you would at in-person lessons. I really enjoy the independent learning and it's definitely something I highly recommend. It's an innovative approach to music lessons, and very simple to use. Thank you BRstudioZ for this platform!"
- Choranai A